Welcome to Five Star Concrete Solutions Products

Five Star is a registered distributor for the following company’s. Please use the order form provided on this page to order any products listed or that is linked to from this web page. Your order will be processed promptly. Please contact Five Star by phone 810-632-6883 or by Email at [email protected].

Companies we distribute for

1. SureCrete Design (Concrete Supplies - www.surecretedesign.com)
2. Alabama Pigments (Color Materials for Concrete - www.alabamapigments.com)
4. Surecrete (Wall and Overlay products – www.stoneedgesurfaces.com)
5. Chaotic Pigments (Color Materials for Concrete – www.chaoticpigments.com)
6. Kraft Tools (Concrete Supply tools for Contractors – www.krafttool.com)
7. Nox Crete (Concrete supplies – www.nox-crete.com)
8. FranMar Products (Concrete cleaning supplies – www.franmar.com)

To place an order, please give us a call today at 810-632-6883 or contact us today via email [email protected].